WONG Tin Yau, Kelvin JP
Executive Director

Dr. WONG, aged 60, has been an Executive Director and a Deputy Managing Director of the Company since July 1996. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Company. Dr. WONG is the Chairman and was a member of Financial Reporting Council (2015-2018) and a member of Operations Review Committee of Independent Commission Against Corruption. He was a Non-executive Director of Securities and Futures Commission (2012-2018), the Chairman of Investor and Financial Education Council (2017-2018), the Chairman of The Hong Kong Institute of Directors (2009-2014), a member of Main Board and GEM Listing Committees of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (2007-2013) and a member of Standing Committee on Company Law Reform (2010-2016). Dr. WONG obtained his Master of Business Administration degree from Andrews University in Michigan, the USA in 1992 and his Doctor of Business Administration degree from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2007. Dr. WONG is currently an Independent Non-executive Director of China ZhengTong Auto Services Holdings Limited, I.T Limited and JS Global Lifestyle Company Limited. He was also an Independent Non-executive Director of Asia Investment Finance Group Limited (subsequently change of name to China Cloud Copper Company Limited and then to Amber Hill Financial Holdings Limited), Mingfa Group (International) Company Limited and Huarong International Financial Holdings Limited. All the aforementioned companies are listed in Hong Kong. In addition, he is an Independent Non- executive Director of Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (a company dual listed in Hong Kong and Shenzhen), Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. and Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (companies dual listed in Hong Kong and Shanghai), and was an Independent Non-executive Director of Bank of Qingdao Co., Ltd. (a company dual listed in Hong Kong and Shenzhen). Dr. WONG is responsible for the management of the Company’s work relating to strategic planning, capital markets and investor relations. He held various senior positions in several listed companies in Hong Kong before he joined the Company. Dr. WONG was appointed as a Justice of the Peace by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2013.