About CSP


Board of Directors

Our Board Structure
The Board is responsible for the leadership and control of the Group (the Company and its subsidiaries) and is collectively responsible for promoting the success of the Group by directing and supervising the Group's affairs. The Board ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations and that every board member should act in good faith, exercise due diligence and care and act in the best interests of the Group and its shareholders. The Board currently consists of nine members. Among them, three are executive directors, one is non-executive director and five are independent non-executive directors.

Non-executive Director
The Company has one non-executive director and five independent non-executive directors who are not involved in the day-to-day conduct of the Group's businesses. The non-executive director is richly experienced in terminal business and corporate management. These experiences, expertise and skills would facilitate the process of formulating the Company's strategy.

Independent non-executive Directors
The five independent non-executive directors have substantial experience in areas such as accounting, legal, finance, business and terminal operation and management. Their mix of skills and business experience is a major contribution to the future development of the Company and the checks-and-balances system of the Board.