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Opening ceremony of COSCO Pacific Limited Corporate Culture Exhibition Hall held in Xiamen

From left to right: general manager of COSCO Xiamen International Freight, Liu Xiaofu, managing director of COSCO Pacific, Wang Xingru, vice minister of party group department of COSCO Group, Wang Yong and trade union chairman of Xiamen Ocean, Wu Renze, were cutting the ribbon for the opening ceremony.

After the visit, Wang Yong left the message "creative, shocked, encouraged!"

General manager Wang Xingru was visiting the exhibition hall.

Vice minister of party group department of COSCO Group, Wang Yong was inspecting Xiamen Ocean Gate Terminal.

April 12, Opening ceremony of COSCO Pacific Limited Corporate Culture Exhibition Hall and 2013 corporate culture seminar was held in Xiamen Ocean Gate Container Terminal Co., Ltd. Vice minister of party group department of COSCO Group, Wang Yong, managing director of COSCO Pacific, Wang Xingru, trade union chairman of Xiamen Ocean, Wu Renze and general manager of COSCO Xiamen International Freight Liu Xiaofu presented and cut the ribbon, meanwhile released the core value system of COSCO Pacific. More than 30 representatives from COSCO Group, COSCO Pacific and its subsidiaries attended COSCO Pacific 2013 corporate culture seminar.

General manager Wang Xingru said in his opening speech, the completion of COSCO Pacific Limited Corporate Culture Exhibition Hall, signifying the firm will and determination of the company’s board of directors and the management to implement corporate culture management strategy in compliance with overall requirements of COSCO Group. It proclaims the lofty ideal of building “One Hundred Year COSCO” and founding a world-class terminal operator and container leasing enterprise, vividly interprets enterprise core values with "win" as the theme.

The exhibition hall locates in the 7th Floor of scheduling Center Building of Xiamen Ocean Gate Container Terminal Co., Ltd., nearly 500 square meters, and is entitled "win" as the theme. It displays a great amount of precious photos, videos, entities etc. on the path of COSCO Pacific’s 18 year development since listed in Hong Kong in 1994, during which COSCO Pacific has grown from the initial drop in the ocean into a first Chinese-funded shipping stock in Hong Kong blue chips, ranking the forefront of the global terminal operators and container leasing companies. The exhibition hall is unique in that it goes beyond traditional exhibiting way and content, but goes along with the more fundamental issues of the corporate culture hall. It interprets the core value system of COSCO Pacific as the theme, deepen 10 exhibit sub-themes "Integrity to win the world, Care and support, Waterside lane, Across Five Continents, Trekking footprints, Worldwide presence, Sustainable development, Corporate citizenship, Multicultural harmony, Flying your dreams ". It all along takes visitors’ full range of perception as the foothold, uses various high-tech means and finally establishes psychological connection of visitors and exhibition hall, COSCO and COSCO Pacific , terminal and container leasing business, integrating knowledge, experience and emotion as a whole.

In corporate culture seminar, general manager of COSCO Pacific (China) Shi Zengyan read the list of 2012-2013 best support units, excellent correspondents of COSCO Pacific corporate culture building, and excellent works of COSCO Pacific; deputy general manager of COSCO Pacific (China) Chen Zuxiang made a report on COSCO Pacific corporate culture construction. 

After the visit, Wang Yong commended COSCO Pacific Corporate Culture Exhibition Hall and said “creative, shocked, encouraged!” He pointed out that the completion of the Exhibition Hall is an important initiative of COSCO Pacific to implement 12th five-Year plan of corporate culture construction of COSCO Group in accordance with the Group's requirements, and it would certainly promote the company to establish a good professional image, market image, enterprise image. Meanwhile, Wang Yong emphasized that in 2013 COSCO Group will continue to strengthen building of corporate culture, vigorously promote construction of demonstration bases of corporate culture, comb the core idea of corporate culture, amend cultural construction framework, edit case base of corporate culture, to build cultural soft power commensurate with COSCO brand. He hopes that all units in COSCO would work together to promote corporate culture construction of COSCO, to achieve the grand goal of building COSCO into a world-class enterprise.

In corporate culture seminar, Chen Zuxiang noted that the core values of “Achieve righteous cause by integrity, seek win-win in cooperation, temper excellence below profession, and breed harmony from inclusiveness.” highlighted co-operative, transnational and service operating characteristics of COSCO Pacific. The core values are of COSCO heritage, industry characteristic and the spirit of the time. Through universal coverage, spiritual guidance, it finally builds employees’ personality and forms collective sediment, to promote the sustainable development of the enterprise. Representatives positively put forth suggestions on how to carry forward a distinctive corporate culture of COSCO Pacific basing on COSCO culture tradition. Many representatives expressed the hope of infiltrating subsidiary companies with excellent COSCO Pacific corporate culture. Some representatives also proposed inviting partners, shareholders and potential investors to visit this electrifying Exhibition Hall to strengthen their confidence in the investment and development of COSCO Pacific.

The meeting also organized to visit staff recreation center, terminal and operating room of mechanical team etc. of Quanzhou Pacific Container Terminal Co., Ltd. Managing Director of Quanzhou Pacific Liu Hunan introduced that the company adhered to grasp " economic benefits and corporate culture" with both hands, and gradually formed “passionate spanning, realizing the dream” corporate culture with both COSCO descent and South Fujian specialties.

General manager of the Department of Personnel Administration of COSCO Pacific, Zhu Lizhi, said in the summary of the meeting, on the basis of current good start of enterprise culture building, COSCO Pacific would further strengthen the landing of corporate culture, team building, standardization of words and deeds, to create a pragmatic culture. Through the innovation and building of corporate culture, COSCO Pacific will accomplish harmony and unity of the corporate culture and development strategies, harmony and unity of enterprise development and staff development, harmony and unity of COSCO main culture and excellent regional culture, and provide solid cultural support for the reform, development of " One Hundred Year COSCO ", make a positive contribution for "COSCO Pacific Dream"!

(Reporter of News Media Center of COSCO Group & Maritime China, Lv Tongzhou)