Company Update
COSCO SHIPPING Ports Awarded the Caring Company Logo"

COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited ("COSCO SHIPPING Ports" or the "Company") announced today that it has been awarded the Caring Company logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of its contribution in caring for the community, its employees and the environment. Stepping into the 16th year of the Caring Company Scheme, 3,697 companies have been awarded the logo this year, up from 259 companies in the first year, to encourage social care and environmental protection in the course of business. The awardees are geared to solve social issues and create shared value while enhancing corporate competitiveness. Besides promoting partnership between the business and the social welfare sectors, the Scheme endeavors to cultivate innovative, caring and shared culture with an aim to build a sustainable, caring and shared society.

Last year, the Company donated to the Community CareAge Foundation and the Autism Partnership Foundation and organized an internal seminar on autism to raise our staff’s awareness about autism and the need of the disadvantaged.

The Company will continue to support the Caring Company Scheme by sponsoring charitable projects and promoting corporate social responsibility among the Company and our staff through various channels.