Company Update
Strong Condemnation of Severe Violent Acts at Hong Kong Airport

A number of rioters were involved in serious violent acts at Hong Kong International Airport, including violently assaulting a reporter and a traveler from the Chinese mainland as well as attacking police officers on 13 August 2019, which severely breached the foundation of Hong Kong's rule of law and undermined social stability, as well as seriously damaged Hong Kong's international image. Their violent behaviors of disregarding law and regulations and violating human rights must not be tolerated or indulged.

COSCO SHIPPING Ports was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 1994. We have grown and thrived with Hong Kong together as a home and family, and we strongly deplore any violent behaviors that are near-terrorist acts and severely condemn any acts that were an extreme contempt for the law. We firmly support the HKSAR Government in taking all necessary actions according to the law, as well as decisively support the Hong Kong Police Force and the judiciary department in taking enforcement measures to bring rioters to justice, stopping violence and disorder, and restoring Hong Kong's social stability as soon as possible.

We will be more supportive of the education and employment of Hong Kong's youth, as well as Hong Kong's economic development and improving living standards. COSCO SHIPPING Ports will stand together with Hong Kong against violence, and safeguard Hong Kong's law and order.