Company Update
COSCO SHIPPING Ports was one of the top-10 firms with the highest Corporate Governance Index scores

COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited ("COSCO SHIPPING Ports" or "the Company") announced today that the Company was once again received extensive market recognition for its high level of transparency and good corporate governance. The Company was one of the top-10 firms with the highest CGI scores among 135 firms in the “2020 HKIoD Corporate Governance Scorecard” announced by The Hong Kong Institute of Directors (HKIoD). The result recognizes the Company with excellence in Rights of Shareholders, Equitable Treatment of Shareholders, Disclosure and Transparency and Board Responsibility.

HKIoD’s premier body representing directors to foster the long-term success of companies. Since 2004, the Scorecard has been compiled by HKIoD every three to four years.